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Who we are

Furthur Progressions Records evolved from parties thrown across the UK, which brought us in to contact with some of the leading labels and artists in the early 2000's. The basis of experience and wealth of talent we were working with, along with the passion of the team to continue to evolve our experience within the most enlightening medium available to humankind, led us to create a platform for the release of innovative, effective, high-quality music. 

The name of Furthur Progressions Records is a combination of two influences. 'Furthur' was the name of the psychedelic bus that carried Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters across the United States, often in the company of bands such as The Grateful Dead and flanked by Hells Angels. The bus was an artistic, sonic experiment that pushed boundaries, carrying some of the maddest and most creative people of the 1960's through their adventures. 'Progressions' refers to the form of music that we love - that which progresses, builds and flows on a path of emotion and joy. 

Welcome to Furthur Progressions Records. 

Latest Releases

Caballero - Flora.jpg

Cimi - New Synthesis

Cimi teams up with Furthur Progressions label honcho, Hamish for his latest EP. Paying tribute to Daphne Oram, the original pioneer of electronic music. Oh if only she could hear how far it's come!

Altered State - Command and

Emerging from the dusty trance battlefields, where the armies of the legendary Captain Bass take on the legions of the infamous General Synth in a winner-takes-all clash of psychedelic titans. There can only be one. Command and Conquer.

Caballero - Flora

Caballero has teamed up with Mexican pals, Tap The Flow & Bureleone to bring you this outstanding EP, Flora.

Caballero's signature psy/tech groove shines through in both tracks with their pulsating bass lines. Flora and Loft are driving and powerful with ripping synths and an earthy, psychedelic composure.

Artwork - Miguel Del Lara

Musical Roster

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