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The Italian Stallion

CIMI is the brainchild of MarcHello, the London-based psytrance dj and producer originally hailing from Italy.

MarcHello started djing as soon as he arrived in town from Italy at the end of the Nineties and became involved in the underground party scene. Label dj for Etnicanet Records until 2004, he then moved to Neurobiotic and Free-Spirit Records while also acting as an event promoter, co-founder of the legendary Fairy Tales parties.

His passion for digital production eventually gave birth to CIMI, a crossover project between full on and progressive psytrance. CIMI's first tracks appeared in compilations by Alchemy Records, Point Zero Records and Y.S.E. He was signed to Furthur Progressions Records and has gone on to release multiple EP’s and in 2013 his debut album White World Bridger.

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