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Between 2 Speakers with Unique Repeat

Welcome to 'Between 2 Speakers', where we send out truth-seeking laser-beam questions to musicians, artists and DJ's to find out what makes them tick while at the decks and when away. 

Unique Repeat have been laying down their signature style of emotive and layered progressive house for years, and we consider it a major coup to have them appearing in London on 23rd March. Between 2 Speakers caught up with the talented act ahead of their arrival in London.

Welcome to Between 2 Speakers Unique Repeat. First up, tell us who you are and where are you from?

We are Dan & Sinan from Berlin and Biel in Switzerland.

Describe your music in 5 words or less.

Hypnotic, melodic, deep techno

Who or what inspires you musically?

We get our inspiration from any kind of music. most important to us are sweet harmonies and deep, chunky grooves.

You can choose any one superhuman power. What is it? (Not including ‘the power to have all the powers’)

The possibility to fly.

Favourite thing to do away from music?

Traveling and riding our motorbikes.

And finally…. what can we expect from you on 23rd March?

We will take you on a deep journey through both our music projects Unique Repeat and Stoertebeker. And we are super excited to come over after our fantastic first gig in the UK at Noisily Festival of Music and Arts.

Thank you Unique Repeat!

Unique Repeat are appearing at Prism London on 23rd March. Tickets and info available via Resident Advisor, Access All Areas and Event Brite.

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