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Between 2 Speakers with Neutrino

Welcome to 'Between 2 Speakers', where we send out truth-seeking laser-beam questions to musicians, artists and DJ's to find out what makes them tick while at the decks and when away. 

The London psychedelic extravaganza Tribal Village returns to The Steelyard on May 18th, and Furthur Progressions Records is hosting the Village Floor with an array of progressive artists. Between 2 Speakers sits down with headliner Neutrino.

Dino Ciancamerla aka Neutrino has a music career spanned over 15 years, starting in the mad arenas of Hard House and Trance and eventually finding his calling with Progressive Psytrance.

With many years of experience promoting and DJ'ing in London and the UK, over the past year Dino has spent more and more time in the studio, and the results have been phenomenal. His debut EP 'Sound | Colour | Tempo' hit #1 on Beatport, and has been followed by a succession of charting singles on Furthur Progressions and Iboga. He is hot property at the moment so we're wearing oven gloves!

Tell us who you are and where are you from?

My name is Dino Ciancamerla AKA Neutrino and I am from South Africa although I have been living in London for the past 15 years.

Describe your music (DJ or production) in 5 words or less.

Playful Funky Progressive Psychedelic Trance.

What inspired you to become a DJ or Producer?

Pure love for music. I wanted to contribute towards people having a good time and hopefully have a positive effect on peoples emotions. Of course it’s also an outlet for my own creativity which gives me huge sense of joy and fulfilment.

You have 3 months to go anywhere in the world and do anything you wish, all expenses paid and all responsibilities taken care of. Where do you go and what do you do?

It would be a jam packed 3 months… I think I would start by taking my wife to NYC because its somewhere she has always wanted to visit. We would then Road Trip across North America, experience Burning Man and parts of California and as much nature as possible on the way. Then I would visit all the beautiful ancient sites in Mexico & South America. I would go back home to Cape Town and spend some time with my friends & family down there who mean the world to me. I would then head to Thailand & Philippians for some quality beach time.

Favourite thing to do away from music?

Golf & Surfing although I don’t get much time to this at all. I think I am in the wrong country for this. Quality time with my wife and my friends.

And finally….what can we expect from you on 18th May?

Expect to dance your heart out. I will be performing and hour of my own music. All my released tracks as well as some brand new unreleased surprises.

Thank you Dino!

Neutrino is appearing at Tribal Village on 18th May. Tickets and info available via Access All Areas, Ticket Source and Resident Advisor

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